Discover the wines of
Château l'Évangile

Grape variety
Cabernet Franc, Merlot
60.000 bottles per year


The Bordeaux region of France has long been recognized as one of the world’s most prestigious wine-producing areas, and within its confines, the Pomerol appellation stands out distinctly. In this legendary landscape, Château l’Évangile has carved its niche as a beacon of excellence, thanks to its enduring commitment to quality and tradition.

The châteaus journey began centuries ago, making it a repository of stories, traditions, and legacies. Over time, this venerable winery has not only witnessed the evolution of winemaking practices but has also played a pivotal role in shaping them. As one of the region’s foremost wine producers, l’Évangile has perpetuated Pomerol’s legacy of crafting wines that are nothing short of liquid art.


What truly sets Château l’Évangile apart is its unmatched terroir. The unique combination of clay and gravel soils provides a nurturing environment for the vineyard’s Merlot and Cabernet Franc grape varieties. Under the watchful eyes of the estate’s dedicated vignerons, these vines are meticulously nurtured, ensuring that each grape cluster embodies the rich essence of Pomerol’s terrain. The magic, undoubtedly, lies in the soil, but it’s the amalgamation of nature’s bounty and human touch that brings forth the finest grapes.


Diving into a glass of Château l’Évangile’s wine is akin to embarking on an olfactory journey. As the cork is popped, an array of enchanting aromas fills the air, from the deep, seductive scents of dark fruits like blackberries and plums to the more subtle, nuanced whispers of spices, tobacco, and cedar. With every sip, the palate is caressed by a velvety texture, harmoniously balanced flavors, and tannins that seamlessly intertwine, culminating in a finish that lingers, making the experience memorable.

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