Frequently Asked Questions

You want to sell your wines. We understand that this raises questions. Not only about the value of your wines, but also about valuation, payment, transport, and the best prices. Check out the frequently asked questions below. Is your question not included? Please feel free to contact us.

I would like to sell my wines. What do I do now?

How nice that you are considering VINEUT Rare & Vintage Wines! You can sell your exclusive wines to us. Request a valuation here. We always make valuations free of charge. To make a realistic offer, we need to have the best possible impression of the wines. This can be done quickly and easily in various ways.

Can I also sell a single bottle?

Yes, you can. We value cases, complete wine cellars, but also single bottles of wine. So, do you have a bottle in your wine cellar and would like to know its value? Request an appraisal!

How does the appraisal procedure work?

  1. Request your valuation on the request page
  2. You receive a preliminary or concrete offer
  3. We schedule a valuation appointment
  4. Are you satisfied with the price we offer? Then you receive the payment immediately.

What is considered during an appraisal?

The vintage, the storage of the bottle and the condition of the (wine) bottle determine the value of your wines. Read more about it here.

How do I know that VINEUT Rare & Vintage Wines is offering me the best price?

We have made our job of our passion – buying and selling old wines. With years of experience as a seller and buyer at home and abroad, we can share this passion with others. VINEUT Rare & Vintage Wines not only provides a good and fair price, but also a clear explanation as to why one bottle is in top condition and the other is not.

How is the transport of my wines arranged?

We do not charge any transport costs, so we will purchase your wines at no extra charge. In addition, we always provide sufficient packaging and transport for storage.

How is payment made?

Unlike, for example, auction houses, we do not charge transport, commission and/or insurance costs. The proposed price is therefore the actual amount you will receive. The price offered is always in line with the market. Payment is made immediately after the wines have been assessed and is in cash or by direct bank transfer, whichever you prefer. Preferably by means of a digital transaction. The money is then directly transferred into your account. In Belgium, we use urgent bank transfers. The money will be in your account within half an hour. In the meantime, we can prepare the wines for transport.

How long does an on-site valuation take?

This depends on several factors: the individual wines, the size of the collection and the information provided in advance. This means that an appraisal can vary from one hour to a whole day.

Can I have a digital valuation as well?

Yes! VINEUT Rare & Vintage Wines has developed a digital appraisal tool whereby you can send one or more bottles for appraisal. Would you rather make a video call to discuss your collection? Then contact us on +31 (0)6 100 064 34. There is not always a person available; if there is no answer, you will be called back as soon as possible. We can also schedule an appointment to get better acquainted and go through your wine collection.

On which days can a valuation take place?

Digital appraisals can be requested at any time of the day. We will process these as soon as possible. The actual valuation can take place on all working days. Physical appraisals also take place on working days by appointment. On request, it is possible to perform a valuation on-site at the weekend or in the evening.

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