Valuation of old wines: how does it work at Vineut Rare & Vintage Wine?

Did you inherit an exclusive wine cellar, do you want to make room in your wine cellar, or do you want to cash in on the increase in value of your wines? Then you are undoubtedly curious about the value of the wine(s), and you might want to sell them to VINEUT at an attractive price. We can value the wines digitally or, if distance permits, we can come and value the wines in person.

Finding special wines is our absolute passion. That is why we take a serious and thorough approach to every wine valuation. The condition of the bottle is essential and can influence the value enormously.

Professional valuation with clear explanation

We always provide a good offer, including a clear explanation of why one bottle is in top condition and the other has flaws. After all, if we come to a deal, we want it to be based on trust. That is the advantage of having years of experience in the purchase and sale of exclusive and old wines. With ‘love for beautiful wines’ as common thread in our story.

Sell a complete wine cellar

Would you like to sell a complete wine cellar, for example if you are the heir to a special collection? In this case we will take over the entire collection. Of course, we are always looking for the pearls, but we will also take the lesser gods if desired.

VINEUT Rare & Vintage Wines values your wine(s) in 3 easy steps

1. Submit your request

You can submit a request for a valuation of your wine collection via our wine valuation request forms. The more detailed the description – preferably including photos per bottle – the more accurate the provisional offer.

What minimum information do we need?

  • How many bottles of wine do you want to sell?
  • Which chateaus do the wines come from?
  • What year is the wine from?
  • What is the condition of the wine label?
  • What is the condition of the wine capsule?
  • What is the fill level?

Taking photos of a wine bottle?

Make sure the bottle is on a flat surface and photograph the entire bottle. This way we can best assess the fill level (and therefore the quality of the wine) and label. We would also like to receive a picture of the top of the capsule.

2. Provisional or firm offer

As soon as we receive your request, we will assess it and, if possible, respond with a provisional offer. Only with a good and complete picture of your wine collection, we can make a concrete offer.

What price can you expect?
Of course, you can orientate online on the market value of your wine bottles. Do not be blinded by the prices you see at commercial suppliers. When determining the purchase price, we look at the market value of the bottle in question. With commercial suppliers, you will always find higher prices than you will receive; whichever party buys the wine from you, there is always room to cover costs such as logistics, storage, and sales activities.

3. Viewing & purchasing

If you accept the (provisional) offer, we will schedule a visit or digital viewing. We like to work as accurately as possible; if it concerns a large wine collection, make sure you reserve enough time. The viewing and assessment can be a time-consuming task.

Are you satisfied with the price we offer you? Then you will receive the payment immediately, preferably via a digital transaction. The money is then immediately in your account. In Belgium we use urgent transfers. The money will be in your account within half an hour. Cash payment is also possible. We always provide sufficient packaging material; if the payment is successful, we take the wine collection with us immediately.

No hidden costs or surcharges
We never charge transport, commission and/or insurance costs; the proposed price is the actual amount you will receive.

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