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Shipping and Delivery


We ship our bottles to more than 40 countries wordwide. We only work with reputable transport companies like DPD en UPS.

To minimalize the risk of fracture of the bottles, we only use premium packaging from Vinologix.Vinologix specializes in fracture free shipping and has designed various patented shipping packages.

All our shipments are fully (all-risk) insured against fracture, theft and missing.

Orders will be packed and transferred to the transport company within 1 business day. After the order has been sent, the customer receives a track and trace code by email, so the transport can be followed anytime and anywhere.

Below you will find a list of the different (possible) zones for shipping, European and worldwide. 

One bottle is calculated to a volume size of 0.75 liters.Larger bottles (of wine), such as a magnum bottle of 1.5 liters, are therefore counted as two bottles, double magnum as four bottles and so on.

The customer is responsible for paying any Customs fees and any taxes (local and/or federal) in the country of destination at the time of delivery. VAT does not apply to sales outside of the EU (European Union).

If your country is not in the list below or do you want to place a large order? 

Please contact us:

 (by email) or (by phone) +31-(0)610006434


Zone 0    Netherlands      

Zone 1    Belgium              Germany              Luxembourg

Zone 2    Denmark             France                  UK                        Monaco              Austria

Zone 3    Finland                Italy                       Spain                   Sweden

Zone 4    Bulgaria               Estonia                Greece                 Hungary              Ireland

                Croatia                 Latvia                   Liechtenstein     Lithuania             Poland

                Portugal               Romania              Slovenia              Slovakia              Czech Republic


Zone 5    Iceland

Zone 6    Malta                    Cyprus                 Norway



zone 1 Australia Hong Kong  Japan  Singapore  Taiwan  South-Korea  China
zone 2 South-Africa            


Customers in USA and Canada, please contact us directly by email: 

All other countries on request



1-18 btl.

19-36 btl.

 37-54 btl.

> Etc.

Delivery Time

zone 0

€ 9

€ 18

€ 27

  > Etc.

1 business day

zone 1

€ 14

€ 28

€ 42

  > Etc.

1-2 business days

zone 2

€ 24

€ 48

€ 72

  > Etc.

2-3 business days

zone 3

€ 37

€ 74

€ 111

  > Etc.

3-4 business days

zone 4

€ 42

€ 84

€ 126

  > Etc.

3-4 business days

zone 5

€ 79

€ 158

€ 237

  > Etc.

5-6 business days

     1-6 btl.  7-12 btl.    13-18btl.   > + Etc.    
zone 6      € 129

     € 189

     € 249


3-4 business days




1-6 btl.

7-12 btl.

13-18 btl.

   + every 1-6 btl.              Delivery Time

zone 1

€ 149

€ 229

€ 309

            + € 80

          3-6 business days

zone 2

€ 199

€ 289

€ 379

            + € 90

          3-6 business days


Additional Information per Country

Australia: for a private individual without an import license, maximum 3 bottles (of 0.75l) per order. For all orders over 3 bottles, an import license is mandatory.

China: import license mandatory.

Japan: for shipments of more than 10 liters of wine, alcohol or Champagne, an import license is mandatory.

Norway: import license mandatory. 

South Africa: for shipments of over 12 liters of wine, alcohol or Champagne, the customer is required to have a valid import license

South Korea: without an import license, we can ship up to 6 bottles to private individuals and 26 bottles to wine professionals.

Switserland: for a private individual without an import license maximum 20 kg per order. For orders over 20 kg, an import license is mandatory.

Taiwan: for shipments of over 5 liters of wine, alcohol or Champagne to private individuals, it is necessary to provide a copy of your passport to the Customs authorities. Wine professionals are required to have an import license for shipments of over 5 liters of wine, alcohol or Champagne. A Certificate of Origin is requested.

USA: laws regarding importation of alcohol to the United States vary drastically from state to state and are constantly changing. Vineut is not responsible for any implications of Federal or State importation laws such as, but not limited to: delays, unforeseen taxes or fees, documents to sign, or refusal by the Federal or State governments to deliver the wine altogether. Before ordering wine we recommend you to contact your state agency in charge of the importation of alcohol so that you are informed about local laws and regulations. Customers from USA, please contact us directly.


The information mentioned above is only indicative and subject to regulatory changes.Vineut can never be held accountable or liable for any wrong information on this matter. The customer remains responsible for the declaration ad payment of any owed VAT and/or excise duties and/or import duties in the country of receipt.