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Grape variety
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot
300.000 bottles a year
Chateau Margaux

Mild climate

Located on the left bank of the Gironde River lies the 265-hectare estate of Château Margaux. The gently sloping landscape combined with the gravelly soil ensures that rainwater is quickly drained away. The proximity of the Gironde and the Atlantic Ocean makes the climate mild. This gives the wines from Margaux a soft elegant character with a refined bouquet, also characterized by many as feminine.

Wine over grain

In 1572 Pierre de Lestonnac started replacing the grain fields and planting the vineyards. The size of the estate has been fixed since the late 17th century. To this day, only a third of the land is used for growing wine.

Margaux Vineyard
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Back at the top

In 1977, Greek businessman André Mentzelopoulos became the owner of Château Margaux. Under his leadership, the château changed course and was modernized in a short period of time. The 1978 vintage was proof enough to convince wine lovers around the world of Château Margaux’s return. Shortly after the takeover, André passed away and his daughter Corinne took over. Together with winemaker Paul Pontallier, Corinne brought Château Margaux back to the top of the wine world.

A hint of violets

In addition to the Premier Cru Grand Classé wine, Château Margaux also produces a second wine, the Pavillion Rouge. The white variety, the Pavillion Blanc, consists of 100% Sauvignon Blanc and is considered one of the best wines from the Bordeaux region. The “Grand Vin” is a full-bodied wine with the taste of blackcurrants, truffle and a hint of violets.

Wine Margaux
Margaux Premier Grand Cru

Hommage a Paul Pontallier

The 2015 vintage is considered perhaps the best wine ever made by Château Margaux. It was also the last vintage that Paul Pontallier worked on, before his death in 2016. To honor Paul and the wine, black bottles were chosen with a black label reading “Hommage a Paul Pontallier.” For many wine lovers, this vintage is a popular collector’s item.

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