Determine the value of your wine: these 5 apps will help you on your way

Wondering how your old or exclusive bottle of wine is rated? There are several ways to get an online rating for your beloved bottles of wine. Of course, there are also a variety of apps that simplify the search. The following 5 apps are worth a try: Wine-Searcher, Cellartracker, Decanter, Wine-Advocate and Wine-Spectator.


Wine-Searcher is the partially free app that gives you an indication of the value of your wines, including price. This app is notable for its many functions such as food pairing and wine competition results. You can add your purchased wines to a digital wine cellar. This makes it possible to get an overview of all your wines in one go. The app immediately shows the price at which the bottle is sold. The app is partly free and has many different functions that are interesting for wine lovers. For an indication of the value of your top wine, Wine-Searcher works just fine! You get free access to a limited number of features with a free account. In addition, there are various subscriptions from about $ 60 USD per year.


CellarTracker is the world’s largest collection of wine reviews, taste experiences and personal stories of wine lovers in one convenient app. In the (free – for the use of the basic functions) app you will find more than 9.4 million reviews from wine lovers and professionals. This app will easily and quickly guide you to the reviews you are looking for; CellarTracker searches based on the barcode or photo of the wine bottle. If your wine is not listed, you can simply make a request and you will usually receive a response within a few days.

Decanter Premium

The Decanter Premium app provides information on all types of wines, independent advice, drinking and storage tips, scores, and experiences on the world’s most sought-after wines. Every month, 1000+ reviews and scores are added to the list. The great thing about the Decanter Premium app: you can browse the latest (and old) premium articles from Decanter Magazine, Britain’s most popular wine magazine packed with expert wine news and reviews, interviews with leading wine personalities, regional profiles, and recommendations from classic regions such as Bordeaux and Burgundy. You can only access the app as a Decanter Premium App subscriber. Various subscriptions are available from €5.00 per month.


Robert Parker Wine-Advocate is one of the world’s most recognized and respected wine critics. He is better known as the most influential wine journalist. In 1978 Parker started The Wine-Advocate, because at that time there were few reviews written without a commercial interest in the wine industry. The reviews in the Wine-Advocate app are compiled by a team of wine experts from all over the world. You will find almost 400,000 taste experiences and scores in this app, which have been collected since 1992. To this day, new scores are added to the list every week. The famous Vintage Chart provides a quick and easy overview of vintages for all major wine regions and styles dating back to 1970. For the Robert Parker Wine-Advocate app, you can register for free and see a sample. To view wines and tasting notes from the wine database, a subscription is required at $11.99 per month.

WineRatings + Wine-Spectator

Wine-Spectator has been the market leader for over 40 years and is therefore a well-known and trusted name in wine ratings. Senior wine tasters blindly taste every bottle to ensure an unbiased score. The WineRatings+ app contains 400,000+ wine ratings and taste experiences. The expertly compiled “vintage maps” help you discover exactly when your wines are ready to drink, past their prime or need to be kept a little longer to reach perfection. Every month Wine-Specator adds more than 1000 new reviews. Try WineRatings+ free for 30 days. The all-in version of WineRatings+ requires a monthly subscription of $ 2.99.

Is the value of the wine in these apps correct?

The value of the wine in these types of apps does not always correspond to reality. For example, these apps do not take the condition of the bottle (label, fill level, capsule) into account when determining the value of your wine, even though this is of great influence. The apps therefore only give an indication.

Have your wine valued by VINEUT Rare & Vintage Wines

Is your exclusive bottle of wine not listed in one of these apps, or would you like a more reliable assessment of what your bottle of wine is worth? Thanks to a professional valuation with clear explanation, you know exactly where you stand.
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