Discover the wines of Château Soutard

Grape variety
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
70.000 bottles per year

Rich history

Château Soutard, an emblem of vinicultural refinement, graces the Saint-Émilion appellation in Bordeaux, France. Recognized globally, this illustrious winery takes pride in crafting red wines that stand as paragons of quality and elegance.

Tracing its origins to the 18th century, Château Soutard’s story is as old as the verdant vineyards that stretch across its estate. These vineyards are dominated by the plush Merlot grape, flanked by the noble Cabernet Franc and the robust Cabernet Sauvignon. Nestled in the embrace of the region’s clay and limestone soils, these grapes flourish, absorbing the terroir’s essence and lending unparalleled character and intricacy to the wines.

Rich and full-bodied

A sip of Château Soutard’s creations reveals a rich tapestry of taste. Each bottle unveils full-bodied wines, redolent with dark fruit notes like succulent blackberries and luscious black cherries. These fruity undertones merge seamlessly with hints of aromatic spices, the warmth of cedar, and the earthiness of tobacco. Their wines don’t just tantalize the palate but leave an indelible mark with their velvety texture, harmonious tannins, and a finale that lingers, echoing their elegance.

Excellent reputation

The world of wine reveres Château Soutard, not just for its historical significance but for its unwavering dedication to exceptional winemaking. Nestled in the revered Saint-Émilion appellation, its locale alone places it among the elite. Yet, it’s the winery’s commitment to quality that makes it a beloved name for wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs worldwide.

In a testament to their forward-thinking approach, recent years have seen Château Soutard embracing sustainable viticulture. By integrating environmentally conscious practices in both vineyard management and winemaking, they not only ensure the longevity and health of their vines but also fortify the impeccable quality and sustainability of their wines, paving the way for future generations to relish their legacy.

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