Mugneret Gibourg Les Vignes Rondes 2012

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Aux Vignerondes(sometimes written “Les Vignerondes” or “Les Vignes Rondes”) is a Premier Cru vineyard on the northern side of the sizeable Nuits-Saint-Georges appellation in Burgundy. Indeed, the climat is located 500m north of the town itself which, at its position in the entrance to a valley that cuts into the Côte d’Or slope, divides the appellation’s vineyards into two rough halves. Aux Vignerondes is planted entirely to Pinot Noir, a common condition in the Côte de Nuits.

Most Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru vineyards (in the absence of any Grands Crus in the appellation) stretch up the hill of the Côte d’Or escarpment from the flat land below. The 3.8 hectare (9.4 acre) Aux Vignerondes covers the lower end of this Premier Cru strip: downslope, the land is only sanctioned for use in village wines..

The Aux Chaignots Premier Cru site wraps aroung the vineyard’s southern and western boundaries. Aux Murgers neighbour’s it to the north.

Like many of its neighbors, Aux Vignerondes’ terroir is affected by this position on the hill. Here, an easterly aspect gives a good view of the morning sunlight. This warming influence during the day is followed by cooler evenings, which slows ripening, ensuring that the development of rich flavor in the grapes does not come at the expense of acidity.

Aux Vignerondes’ soils are stony and gravelly, made up of Comblanchien limestone with some oyster fossils. Parts of the upper section sit on Premeaux marble.

As well as Leroy, Faiveley, Daniel Rion, and others, the famous Hospices de Nuits-St-Georges holds around a quarter of the vineyard area in Aux Vignerondes.

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