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About VINEUT Rare & Vintage Wines


Vineut Rare and Vintage Wines is a specialist when it comes to old, rare, exclusive and special wines.
The company has its origin in a year-long passion for precisely those wines that can not be found in the average wine store. 

Quality is our first priority. That is why we solely buy our wines directly from wine domains and from reliable private cellars
of which the origin is known.
Each bottle is extensively assessed by us, to only select the best.

We are able to offer our top wines worldwide for competitive prices. How we do that?
With low overhead and fast-moving products. That gives everyone the opportunity
to enjoy a beautiful wine, Champagne or Porto at a fair price.

A bottle of wine from Vineut is not just a wine; it represents a piece of history, a unique terroir and the heart and soul of the winemaker.
That is what you taste!

Our offer varies from week to week, so let our offer surprise you time and again.
Are you looking for a wine of a particular Chateau or a special vintage?
Contact us and we will search for you within our network.

Best vinous regards,

Erik Neuteboom

Company owner VINEUT Rare & Vintage Wines